Cogeser (Australia) Pty Ltd was opened in 2009 in association with Cogeser Paris. It is managed by Australian Grain Broker Robert Luetolf, who has been actively broking in the industry for more than 10 years.

Major trading companies as well as smaller operators use our services.  

All our contracts are negotiated on the basis of GTA Trade Rules.

We are proud supporters and members of Pulse Australia and Grain Trade Australia (GTA).

Cogeser (Australia) Pty Ltd is focussed on providing exporters with quality suppliers on a DCT/Track or delivered basis and takes pride in the quality of exporters it brings to local grain traders, processors and merchants. 
We are part of an international network which is focused on pulses broking stretching from Cogeser in Paris to Cogeser Australia and further to United Brokers in China to form a unique group of Pulse Brokers. The combined information collected gets used to keep our clients ahead.